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The Water Industry Operators Association welcomes contributions from any persons or organsiations which can be used as a resource by operational people in the water industry to improve their efficiency, knowledge or skills.

ADWGAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011)

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) have been developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and undergo rolling revision to ensure they represent the latest scientific evidence on good quality drinking water. As sections of the Guidelines continue to be reviewed, this page will be updated to provide the latest information.

The guidelines have been developed after consideration of the best available scientific evidence and provide a framework for good management of drinking water supplies to ensure safety at point of use. They address both the health and aesthetic quality aspects of supplying good quality drinking water.

WebAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines

Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (2006) & (2008)

The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental Risks (Phase 1) provides a generic 'framework for management of recycled water quality and use' that applies to all combinations of recycled water and end uses. It also provides specific guidance on the use of treated sewage and greywater for purposes other than drinking and environmental flows.

WebAustralian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental Risks (Phase 1)

The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Augmentation of Drinking Water Supplies (Phase 2 - module 1) extends the guidance given in Phase on the planned use of recycled water (treated sewage and stormwater) to augment drinking water supplies.

The document focuses on the source of water, initial treatment processes and blending of recycled water with drinking water sources.

WebAustralian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Augmentation of Drinking Water Supplies (Phase 2 - module 1)

2015 Water Industry Skills Taskforce

The Water Industry Skills Taskforce (WIST) was established in 2008 primarily aimed at developing approaches to address a growing skills shortage in the water industry.

WebDownload the June 2015 Update [pdf 255kb]

2014 Survey on Health-Based Targets for Microbial Safety

The survey was conducted between 22 August and 3 October 2014. It was based on a Stakeholder Discussion Paper and aimed to:

  • Scope the views of drinking water and public health stakeholders on microbial health-based targets (HBTs).
  • Determine what form microbial HBTs could take should they be included into the next version of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (ADWG).

WebDownload the Summary Fact Sheet [pdf 255kb]

Victorian Department of Health - New Release Sept 2010

The Victorian Framework for Water Treatment Operator Competencies – Best Practice Guidelines were officially released at the WIOA Victorian conference in September 2010.

The Guidelines were developed jointly between the Victorian Department of Health and the Victorian Water Industry Association (VicWater) with input from WIOA. They define the minimum training, qualification and competency standards that operators must attain in order to operate drinking water treatment facilities in the State of Victoria.

WebDownload your copy of the framework [pdf 324kb]


Government Skills Australia - posted 4 November 2010

Government Skills Australia (GSA) has promotional materials now available in order to
promote careers in the Water industry and create awareness about environmental sustainability.

Copies of these materials free of charge, please contact GSA on 08 8410 3455

pdf Download the media release (pdf 1.6Mb)


Victorian Department of Health
Protect our Waters, Protect our Health Brochure - Released Jan 2010

Highlighting the importance of preventing stock access to natural waterways. Protecting the environment, including our waterways (rivers and streams), is a responsibility shared by government, industry, businesses, communities and individuals. Landholders, in particular, have a responsibility to manage their activities to avoid
polluting waterways.

PDFDownload your copy of the brochure (pdf 1.2Mb)

Industry Uplift Magazine: Issue 1 April 2009

As an additional service for our members, WIOA has arranged for copies of a

magazine titled ‘Industry Uplift’ to be made available. Industry Uplift specifically covers technological advances, workplace safety and sustainability, and

independent engineering research in the manufacturing, construction and material handling industries. Topics included in Issue 1 range from ‘Structural failures of

large span semi-portal gantry cranes’, ‘Major Inspection of Cranes – Guidance’ and ‘Forklift Safety’ to name a few.

PDFDownload your copy of the magazine (pdf 1.2Mb)


Operator August 2009

An adaption of the following article was printed in the August edition of 'Operator'. 

PDFRetention, Recognise, Reward and Retain Operators (pdf 185kb)





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