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WIOA - Wastewater & Recycled Water Treatment Systems Industry Operator Certification Scheme

Attaining certified status under the WIOA Wastewater& Recycled Industry Operator Certification Scheme indicates that an individual water treatment operator has a specific set of knowledge, skills, competence and experience which is recognised by the employer and the certifying body (WIOA).


Certified individuals – are skilled and committed water industry operations practitioner. Their status as a Certified Wastewater Treatment Operator demonstrates their commitment to excellence by participating in a process to assess and update their knowledge. They can be confident that they are doing the job to meet best practice and this can bring advancement and recognition. All certified personnel will be listed on WIOA’s national database.

Certified Wastewater and Recycled Treatment Operators will also benefit:

Employers - knowing that staff members who are Certified have the skills for the occupation and are committed to excellence in their role.

Career pathway – job seekers and young people will recognise and benefit from the enhanced career pathways in the water industry resulting from the industry based certification system which specifies training, knowledge, skills and experience.

Private Industry Employers - by insisting on using certified personnel they are practising sound risk management.

The industry – operationally can become more professional as a result of gaining, recognising and documenting the skills necessary for each occupation. As more and more operators become certified, the level of professionalism in the industry will continue to improve.

The environment - will be better off as well-informed operational practices can prevent inappropriate off site discharges, conserve water and avoid damage to aquifers and waterways.

Consumers - will know that when their systems are operated by a Certified specialist, those people will have the skills and experience necessary to operate or manage a system efficiently, effectively and with minimal impact on public health.


Last updated on 03-Aug-2017


Best Practice GuidelinesCertification Framework 2017
Operators within Wastewater and Recycled Water Treatment Systems

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