WIOA – Wastewater & Recycled Water Treatment Systems Industry Operator Certification Scheme

The actions of Operators who treat wastewater and recycled water have a direct impact on its quality and, consequently, may impact environmental and public health risks.

By becoming a Certified Operator it will demonstrate your commitment to excellence by participating in a process to assess and update your knowledge. You can be confident that you are doing the job to meet best practice and this can bring advancement and recognition.

Attaining certified status under the WIOA Wastewater& Recycled Industry Operator Certification Scheme indicates that an individual water treatment operator has a specific set of knowledge, skills, competence and experience which is recognised by the employer and the certifying body (WIOA).

Certification provides an assurance to regulators, communities and the users of recycled water that Operators are competent to manage wastewater and recycled water quality, as well as being capable of identifying and responding to wastewater and recycled water quality risks and incidents. The framework introduces a minimum level of competency for Certified Operators across all states and territories by aligning skills, knowledge and competency requirements to national Vocational Education and Training (VET) standards. Further, the Certification Framework ensures that there is a requirement for the on-going maintenance/development of skills and knowledge.


  Word Documents

Application Form (Word – WW01)

Training (Word – WW02)

Workplace Evidence Report (Word – WW03)

WIOA Code of Conduct (Word – WW04)

Fee Payment / Tax Invoice Form (Word – WW05)

Application Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (Word – WW06)