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CertificateThe Certification Process


1 Apply

Complete the Application Form which includes

  • Personal information
  • Water business information
  • WIOA code of conduct
  • Payment of application fee ($110 inc GST)

WordApplication Form (Word - V01)
WordApplication Form (PDF - V01)

2 Qualifications

Attach copies of training and qualifications

  • Certificates
  • Statements of attainment

3 Industry Experience

Document industry experience

  • Work experience

4 Verification of Competency

Verification of competence signed by workplace Suitably Qualified Person.

Water businesses are required to nominate one or more individuals to undertake the role of a “suitably qualified person”, this must be completed prior to any applications being submitted. A suitably-qualified person is defined as someone who has sufficient relevant theoretical experience and/or at least three years operational experience in the unit process such that they are able to assess the competency of others.

Application Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person to be completed by the Water Businesses Operations Manager or equivalent.

WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (Word - V02)
WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (PDF - V02)

5 Application Processed

Provide more information or clarification if required

6 Certification Fee

Payment of certification fee ($220 inc GST)

7 Certification Awarded





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