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Maintaining Certification for Operators

WIOA will attempt to make contact with the certified operator 6 months prior to the end of the certification period.

WIOA require a regular re-certification process to ensure water industry personnel obtain the latest information allowing them to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Operators must demonstrate via a point and evidence system, the amount of professional development and accredited training undertaken within a specified time frame. (see: maintaining certification  status)

Maintaining Certified Status

To maintain certified status:

  • Operators must remain active in the industry in the area related to their current certification.
  • WIOA will require documentary evidence of the accumulation of 15 points within the preceding three year period.
  • Pay the nominated renewal fee for the next three years.

Professional Development Activities and Points for Recertification

PDFWIOA CPD Activities for Re-Certification (pdf)

Applicants for recertification must complete the Application Form which includes personal information, water business information, the plants to be recertified for, and any treatment processes added since the previous certification/recertification application.

In order to assist individuals maintain their certified status and to provide the greatest level of flexibility to employers, WIOA recognises a range of Professional Development opportunities allowing certified operators and employers to choose those options that best suit their needs.

A register and details of all the professional development activities undertaken by the individual in the previous three year period should be provided with the application.

Professional Development opportunities are classified into the following categories:

Applications should be accompanied by the payment of the recertification application fee ($110 inc GST).  On completion of the recertification process, an additional fee of $220 (inc GST) is required for the following 3 year recertification period.

Inactive status

Any Certified operator may apply to suspend thier Certified status for any period to allow for changes in job or work roles. A lower fee would then apply. Certified status can be reinstated on application.


Re- Certification is valid for 3 years from the date of approval.
* Fees are non-refundable
* Fees current at 1st January 2016


Applications can be lodged by Email : certification@wioa.org.au
WIOA Certification Team
P.O. Box 6012
Shepparton, Victoria 3630
Phone : (03) 5821 6744




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