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CertificateThe Certification Process

There are two steps that are required to be undertaken to enable the assessment of operators for certification to proceed:

A) Identification & registration of Suitably Qualified Person (Water Business)

Water businesses are required to nominate one or more individuals to undertake the role of a “suitably qualified person”, this must be completed prior to any individual applications being submitted.

B) Certification Application (Operator)

Individuals to complete the application process that as well as the payment of fees includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Copies of training and qualifications
  3. Workplace evidence report
  4. WIOA code of conduct
This is followed by an ongoing process to maintain the certification credential.

WordWIOA Australian Certification Process Diagram (PDF)

A) Identification & Registration of Suitably Qualified Persons

It is for the Drinking Water Supplier’s Chief Executive to determine an appropriate delegate, however as a guide it should be the most senior technical officer within the organisation with responsibility for drinking water treatment.

A suitably qualified person is someone who has sufficient relevant theoretical experience and/or at least three years operational experience in the unit process such that they are able to assess the competency of others, and is required to:

  • Provide information on the Drinking Water Supplier’s processes
  • Act as the contact person for WIOA on Certification
  • Verify the applicants operating experience within their water business, including dates of employment
  • Endorse that the operator seeking certification is suitably competent for certification

Application Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person to be completed by the Water Businesses Operations Manager or equivalent.

WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (Word - A06)
WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (PDF - A06)

B) Certification Application

1 Apply

Complete the Application Form which includes:

  • Personal information
  • Drinking Water Supplier (employer) information

WordApplication Form (Word - A01)
WordApplication Form (PDF - A01)

  • Payment of application fee ($110 inc GST)

WordFee Payment Form (Word - A05)
WordFee Payment Form (PDF - A05)

2 Training

Attach copies of training and qualifications (Certificates, Statements of Attainment or official student records from an RTO) that identify all units of competency that align with the treatment processes operated and/or the associated monitoring, sampling and recording tasks, as identified in the System Complexity Rating by the Drinking Water Supplier.

The system complexity rating outlines the training requirements and Statement of Attainment would be required covering:

  • NWP units matching ALL plant processes operated
  • Mandatory NWP units as specified at the system complexity rating level

WordTraining (Word - A02)
WordTraining (PDF - A02)

3 Workplace Evidence Report

Document Competence and Experience (Capability) which is signed off by the Drinking Water Supplier.

WordWorkplace Evidence Report (Word - A03)
WordWorkplace Evidence Report (PDF - A03)

4 WIOA Code of Conduct

Complete the WIOA code of conduct.

WordWIOA Code of Conduct (Word - A04)
WordWIOA Code of Conduct (PDF - A04)

5 Application Processed

Provide more information or clarification if required.

6 Certification Fee

Payment of certification fee ($440 inc GST).

WordFee Payment Form (Word - A05)
WordFee Payment Form (PDF - A05)

7 Certification Awarded

Certification is valid for 5 years.

C) Maintaining Certification

There are two potential pathways to allow certified operators to ensure their competencies and capabilities remain current.  

  • Professional Development
  • Audit / Demonstration of Current Competence

For more information on maintaining the certification credential.

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