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Maintaining Certification for Operators

Certified operators must attain and maintain competencies to ensure their skills remain relevant and keep pace with changes to treatment processes, technology and consumer / regulatory expectations.  The Framework has identified two potential pathways to allow certified operators to ensure their competencies and capabilities identified during initial certification remain current. 

Recertification pathways include:

Professional Development
Certified Operators choose to recertify by participation in professional development activities.  Professional development does not just include training programs or conferences.  Please refer to Appendix A in the Framework for the list of approved professional development activities.

PDFWIOA CPD Activities for Re-Certification (pdf)

Audit / Demonstration of Current Competence
The Drinking Water Supplier or the Certified Operator may elect to undertake a certification audit which shall be performed by an operationally competent person, who is independent and approved or nominated by the certifying body using an appropriate audit methodology/tool.  The certification audit will provide evidence that the competence of the Certified Operator is current and relevant to the tasks performed at a particular treatment facility.

Professional Development Categories for Maintaing Certification

Certification is valid for 5 years from the date of approval.
* Fees are non-refundable
* Fees current at 1st January 2016

Applications can be lodged by post, addressed to:
WIOA Certification Team
P.O. Box 6012
Shepparton, Victoria 3630

Phone : (03) 5821 6744
Email : certification@wioa.org.au




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