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Certified Operator

A Certified Operator has operational responsibility for water treatment processes or facilities. Duties performed will range from basic monitoring, sampling, testing and reporting, through to chemical dosing, control and optimisation of Treatment Processes.

The Certified Operator may have responsibility for more than one Drinking Water Treatment System at any one time, so long as it is reasonable to expect that drinking water quality and safety will be assured across all systems and the Certified Operator’s current competencies cover all treatment processes for which they are responsible.

Operator in Training

An Operator who is gaining experience under the guidance of a Certified Operator performing routine tasks and undertaking relevant competency development which culminates in attainment of relevant competencies (from NWP07), as required by the Certification Framework.

The Operator in Training is not certified under the Framework, but the Drinking Water Supplier is to ensure that opportunities are afforded to the person to develop all necessary competencies to achieve certified status.

Independent Contractors

For the purposes of the Framework, an independent contractor may provide expertise and services to other Drinking Water Suppliers.

Independent Contractors are not considered to be Drinking Water Suppliers.  They are individuals (Certified Operators) who work within a Drinking Water System and must meet the minimum conditions stated in the Certification Framework.







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