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Drinking Water Treatment Systems - Suitably Qualified Persons

Water businesses are required to nominate one or more individuals to undertake the role of a “suitably qualified person”, this must be completed prior to any individual applications being submitted.

It is for the Drinking Water Supplier’s Chief Executive to determine an appropriate delegate, however as a guide it should be the most senior technical officer within the organisation with responsibility for drinking water treatment.

A suitably qualified person is someone who has sufficient relevant theoretical experience and/or at least three years operational experience in the unit process such that they are able to assess the competency of others, and is required to:

  • Provide information on the Drinking Water Supplier’s processes
  • Act as the contact person for WIOA on Certification
  • Verify the applicants operating experience within their water business, including dates of employment
  • Endorse that the operator seeking certification is suitably competent for certification

Application Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person to be completed by the Water Businesses Operations Manager or equivalent.

WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (Word - A06)
WordApplication Form to be a Suitably Qualified Person (PDF - A06)

The suitably qualified persons role in the certification process

All individuals must be signed off as being competent by a suitably qualified person.

Suitably qualified persons register

WIOA will maintain a register of all suitably qualified persons, that will be updated on an annual basis.







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