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Certification for Drinking Water Suppliers

The Certification Framework for Operators within Drinking Water Treatment Systems 2016, (the Framework) is underpinned by the need to ensure consumers are provided with safe drinking water on a continual basis.

It provides an assurance to regulators, communities and consumers that operators are competent to manage drinking water quality, as well as being capable of identifying and responding to water quality risks and incidents.

The implementation of the Framework nationally will introduce a minimum level of competency for Certified Operators across all states and territories by aligning skills, knowledge and competency requirements to national Vocational Education and Training (VET) standards.  Further, the Certification Framework ensures there is a requirement for ongoing maintenance and development of skills and knowledge.

Certification Framework
The WIOA Water Industry Operator Certification Scheme is an independent confirmation of the training, skills and competence of water treatment operators employed by Drinking Water Suppliers.

Drinking Water Suppliers can be satisfied that their certified staff members have the skills and qualifications required for the job and are committed to excellence in their role.










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