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Interest in the establishment of a standardised water industry online induction program

10 April 2017

The Water Industry Skills Taskforce is also seeking interest in the establishment of a standardised water industry online induction program, targeted at new entrants to the industry, as well as those interested in entering the industry.

There is no funding currently available to do this, and once established it will take some effort to maintain, so we have been asked to investigate a variety of operating models.

qldwater maintains a Queensland-based program, available for viewing here.

It is the intention that the national program would include both national information as well as specific information for each state/territory.

Your assistance in answering the following questions to inform WIST would be greatly appreciated. Please email responses to skills@qldwater.com.au by 28th April 2017

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Does your organisation have an interest in the proposal for a national induction program?  If no, questions conclude here.

    If yes:
    • Does the qldwater model look suitable as a basis?  Comments
    • Are you aware of other similar products which could be adapted?
    • Development pricing models considered, please indicate your preference (will only proceed with suitable interest)
    • Full cost, where a service provider researches and builds content, provided for review
    • Hosting and administration cost, where a service provider develops content templates to be populated by a contact in each jurisdiction, updated annually
    • Hosting
      • New domain and profile
      • Existing industry site; e.g. H2Oz, Water360, Other

Last updated on 11-Apr-2017

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